The Balancing Act: Live & Learn or Forgive & Forget?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of forgiveness.  Raising Christian, the concept of forgiving others is not new to me.  And I like to think that I have been pretty forgiving with the people in my life who have ‘wronged’ me.  But here’s the thing, I may choose to move past the wrong-doing.  We may ‘still be friends’ and all that jazz.  But it’s not that I have /forgotten/.  Forgetting about it and letting it go just seems… too risky and in complete opposition to another life lesson: Live and Learn.

The idea behind ‘live and learn’ is that we will make mistakes; it’s part of life.  However, we are meant to learn from these mistakes to avoid repeating them again. So if you /forget/ about the wrong-doing of someone in your life, are you learning from your mistake?

How do you balance?  Do you need to forget in order to truly forgive them? Just wondering…



About DMarie2484

Devon Marie Purington is a Book-Readin, Article-Draftin, Muscial-Watchin, Coffee-Drinkin, Chocolate-Cravin, Pixie-Obsessing, Children-Adorin Residence Life Coordinator with a passion for education and student development inside the classroom and beyond.
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One Response to The Balancing Act: Live & Learn or Forgive & Forget?

  1. Elizabeth says:

    If you forget….doesn’t that mean you are open to repeat the same circumstances?

    The hardest part is to live and learn to forgive, but never to forget the lesson you learned.

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